Sparkling Probiotic Water made from
the Opuntia Cactus

Kefir Soda is naturally carbonated, low in sugar, and full of beneficial bacteria, digestive enzymes and detoxifying acids.
 An 8 oz Buchi kombucha can with a green label saying Buchi Kefir Soda Summit Lemon Lime Echinacea

Kefir Soda


Lemon Lime Echinacea
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Benefits Beyond Great Taste

Your gut does more than you realize! It plays a leading role in supporting our digestion, strengthening our immunity, and has also been linked to increased energy, reduced stress, improved sleep, mood and overall well-being.

Probiotics are the good and helpful bacteria known to improve gut health and support overall health and well-being.

Digestive enzymes help break down the food we eat and aid in digestion – using nutrients to give your body energy, help it grow, and perform vital functions.

Our fermentation process creates natural and beneficial enzymes and organic acids which help rid your body of toxins – supporting natural detoxification and reduced inflammation.

  • Organic

  • Raw & Unpasteurized

  • Non-GMO

  • Gluten-free

  • Vegan


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Frequently Asked Questions

Buchi Kefir Soda is our non-dairy fermented probiotic drink brewed with heritage tibicos cultures - aka kefir cultures, kefir grains, african bees, or sea rice (different names – same meaning!). Water kefir, originating centuries ago, can be traced back to the Opuntia Cactus plant found in Mexico. Inspired by those before us, we created Kefir Soda, with refreshing, modern flavors that infuse fresh fruit with medicinal herbs.

The process to make Kefir Soda is similar to that of Kombucha. You start with Tibicos culture (kefir grains), water, and sugar. The culture forms a SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast), and through the fermentation process creates a delicious, fizzy, probiotic drink. We add flavors made from whole foods and medicinal herbs for taste and nutritive value.

Nope! Kefir grains come from the Opuntia cactus and are a traditional reusable starter culture used to make a dairy-free fermented beverage.

Nope! Kefir grains are referred to as such simply due to their shape. They look like grains of rice! They’re actually just a SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast) in a different shape.

Kombucha can be an aid to digestion. In addition to the beneficial bacteria, it also contains some acids and enzymes to aid in the breaking down of food.

Kefir Soda is more of a general probiotic beverage. While it does contain enzymes and acids, they don’t seem to have quite as strong an effect as those in kombucha. However, Kefir Soda contains a greater number of bacteria strains than those found in kombucha.

Both beverages are beneficial in aiding natural functions in the body, and both are great for hydration. Depending on your needs, consuming one or both is a matter of individual taste.

Sugar is what fuels fermentation, and most is absorbed during the fermentation process. Buchi believes in using simple, whole ingredients to make the most well-rounded, delicious, and quality Kefir Soda.

Yes! Buchi Kefir Soda consistently tests under the .5% ABV set by regulatory agencies for what constitutes an alcoholic beverage. We test each batch throughout fermentation and are in compliance with existing laws.

Yes! Buchi Kefir Soda is raw and unpasteurized. Much of the benefit of drinking Kefir Soda comes from its billions of living beneficial bacteria (probiotics), which are essential for good digestive health. We would never consider pasteurizing (heating to death) all of those wonderful naturally occurring live and active cultures. In fact, Buchi Kefir Soda is so live and active that you can use the Kefir Soda in your bottle to make your own – see how to here.

Yes!  Buchi is pleased to have been certified Kosher and pareve by Rabbi Zev Schwarcz at IKC, the International Kosher Council.

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