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Community-centered, women-founded, and values-driven since our founding in 2008

Our purpose is to craft delicious, high-quality, functional beverages, invest in the regeneration of our planet, and use business as a conduit for positive social impact.

Our Story

The Rebellious Act of Fermentation

Pictured (left to right): Sarah Mullins, Co-Founder & VP for People and Purpose, Zane Adams, Co-Founder & EVP of Strategy & Development, David Gray, CEO, and Jeannine Buscher, Co-Founder & EVP of Innovation

From a small kitchen in Asheville, NC, two mothers with a purpose and passion for fermentation began making kombucha as a healthy alternative for their kids. From gifting jars to friends, families, neighbors and eventually selling through farmers markets—our shelves and countertops were quickly overflowing with kombucha.

We took our small-batch home production to a warehouse on a 180-acre farm in the mountains of Southern Appalachia. Unwaveringly dedicated to our mission, the whole team decided this wouldn’t just be our office, but our home. Brewing together, working together, living together, and taking on every hardship together.

In 2017 Buchi moved to a 30,000 sq ft brewery and began to see a need for more affordable and accessible functional beverages. So we began putting focus on private label kombucha.

In 2020 we completed our transition to FedUp Foods P.B.C — a next generation private-label manufacturer. Currently, we are the largest private label manufacturing platform focused on fermented functional beverages in North America.

Benefit Corporation
Creating a better business ecosystem with people & planet at the forefront

In 2020, we asked the difficult question: What if we could shift our food system from being a major contributor to climate change to one that actually helps us become more climate resilient?

Thus FedUp Foods was born! Built on the belief that everyone deserves access to healthy, nutrient-dense foods — and private label is the most effective way to get there.


Our Values

Our values reflect our desire to create a better business ecosystem with people and planet at the forefront.

Our Global Reforestation Partner
One Tree Planted

Healthy forests give so much back to us: they clean our air and water, support health and biodiversity, stabilize our climate, and more. We donate a percent of our profits from every order to One Tree Planted, because we believe replenishing the world’s forests is one step towards protecting our home planet.

Responsible Sourcing

We’re passionate and committed to doing the hard work, to evolve and change, while keeping people, our purpose, and our planet at the forefront.

A man in a red baseball cap and a green bandana holding a big brown bag of cane sugar, a fermentation tank in the background.

Sourcing with Intention

We vet and validate each supplier we work with, giving preference to those that meet robust third-party social and environmental criteria. Preference is also given to independent, woman, and minority-owned suppliers, as well as those located within 150 miles of our brewery – when price and quality are equal.

A tilted big brown bag of cane sugar with sugar pouring out of it onto a metal shelf.

Regenerative Sugar

We believe that everything is interconnected and are very mindful of our footprint, especially when it comes to sourcing. Our Sugar supplier has the only closed-loop sugarcane process in the world and is carbon neutral.

A warehouse with europallets containing Buchi kombucha and kefir soda bottles and cans, stacked up to the ceiling.

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

Motivated to make good on our sustainability mission, we redirected our glass business to a domestic manufacturer— reducing our carbon footprint by up to 85%.⁠