Energy for Fall at Your Fingertips

A diverse friend group relaxes in a field of flowers and grass, taking a breather and drinking Buchi kombucha.

Energy for Fall at Your Fingertips


Living Drinks Crafted with Fruit & Botanicals

Buchi Kombucha best sellers: Fire, Water and Sovereign
Buchi Kefir Soda best sellers: Summit, Soar and Bloom.
Kefir Soda
Buchi's newest product: Living Energy.
Living Energy

"Buchi is the best Kombucha that I’ve ever tried. The taste matches the description in every way. Simple and delicious."

Catherine M.

"I've wanted to develop a kombucha habit for some time and when I ran across this local, women-owned, delicious version, I was sold. Great taste and my new habit has begun!"

Laurie A.

"Not only is the best drink out there, the people behind the product are wonderful. Highly recommend!"

Katie R.
A grid of 3 images showing Living Energy. Friends smiling and drinking, people hiking, etc.
Living Energy
Kombucha Meets Clean Caffeine

Living Energy is one of the first energy drinks to combine the power of L-Theanine, Lion’s Mane, Clean Caffeine and Live and Active Cultures.


Every supplier we work with is vetted and validated—giving preference to those that meet robust third-party social and environmental criteria. Preference is also given to independent, woman, and minority-owned suppliers, as well as those located within 150 miles of our brewery – when price and quality are equal. We’re passionate and committed to doing the hard work, to evolve and change, while keeping people, our purpose, and our planet at the forefront.

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