Mint Pineapple Echinacea

casekeg 5 Gallons/Keg 6-12oz. Bottles/Case


Crisp and refreshing, our Air kombucha blends organic echinacea and pineapple, for a breath of fresh air. Take a deep breath. Where is that breath coming from?


  • Organic

  • Raw & Unpasteurized

  • Non-GMO

  • Gluten-free

  • Vegan

Fun fact

Buchi is so live and active, that you can use our Kombucha to make your own.

Ingredients that make a difference.

Buchi uses the highest quality organic herbs, fruits and purees produced by suppliers who meet our ethical standards – all while keeping environmental responsibility and the impact of the supply chain in mind. It’s a big part of what makes Buchi so different and special!

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Organic Raw Kombucha (Filtered Water, Organic Fair Trade Certified™️* Cane Sugar, Organic Fair Trade Certified* Tea Blend, Organic Kombucha Culture), Organic Pineapple Juice from Concentrate, Organic Herbal Tea (Water, Organic Peppermint, Organic Basil), Organic Lime Juice from Concentrate , Organic Echinacea Extract, Organic Blue Spirulina, Organic Peppermint Extract, Organic Basil Extract

*Fair Trade Certified™️ by Fair Trade USA®

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