Orange Mango Sea Buckthorn

casekeg 5 Gallons/Keg 6-12oz. Bottles/Case


What we teach our children shapes the society we leave behind—our legacy. Our Legacy kombucha blends organic orange, mango and sea buckthorn, and is sure to have a lasting impression. What will your legacy be?

  • Organic

  • Raw & Unpasteurized

  • Non-GMO

  • Gluten-free

  • Vegan

Fun fact

Buchi is so live and active, that you can use our Kombucha to make your own.

Ingredients that make a difference.

Buchi uses the highest quality organic herbs, fruits and purees produced by suppliers who meet our ethical standards – all while keeping environmental responsibility and the impact of the supply chain in mind. It’s a big part of what makes Buchi so different and special!

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Organic Raw Kombucha (Filtered Water, Organic Fair Trade Certified™️* Cane Sugar, Organic Fair Trade Certified* Tea Blend, Organic Kombucha Culture), Organic Orange Juice from Concentrate, Organic Mango Puree, Organic Sea Buckthorn Juice, Organic Passionfruit Juice, Organic Orange Extract, Organic Mango Natural Flavor, Organic Vanilla Extract

*Fair Trade Certified™️ by Fair Trade USA®

Favorite Recipes

The Ultra Spring Kombucha Smoothie

Start your day on the right foot with this vibrant, antioxidant and probiotic-filled Blueberry Kale Kombucha Smoothie.

Muddled Fizz Mocktail

An effervescent delight suitable for all ages.

Kombucha Mezcal Cocktail

When is the last time you had the opportunity to sit down with a loved one over a drink? Closeness is not determined by proximity, it's determined by the attention and care you give to the ones you care about.

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