Can Kids Drink Kombucha?

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With health centric beverages on the rise, you might be familiar with the delicious probiotic-rich fermented fizzy drink called kombucha. Kombucha is a fermented tea that has gained popularity in recent years for its numerous health benefits. 

Kombucha is made by adding a culture of friendly bacteria and yeast (called a "SCOBY") to sweetened tea and allowing it to ferment for a week or more. The fermentation process produces probiotics, which are beneficial bacteria that can help improve digestion and give a boost to the immune system. 

You might be wondering, “since kombucha is so beneficial for me, can I give it to my kids too?”  Well, we are happy to report that one of the best things about kombucha is that it is actually a very safe, nutritious drink for kids to enjoy! 

Here are a 4 reasons why kombucha is a great choice for kids:

1. Kombucha is naturally low in sugar.

During the fermentation process, the bacteria and yeast consume most of the sugar in the sweetened tea. This means that the sugar in a bottle or can of Buchi Kombucha is lower than the original tea. 

The amount of sugar in kombucha is much lower than most other sugary drinks. For example, orange juice, chocolate milk, coke and Capri Sun all contain over 24g of sugar. Kombucha is less than half that! 

Here’s a chart for an easy on the eye comparison:

  • 8 oz of Buchi Kombucha contains up to 10-12 grams of sugar
  • 8 oz of Minute Maid orange juice contains 24 grams of sugar
  • 8 oz of Nesquik chocolate milk contains 24 grams of sugar
  • 8 oz can of Coke contains 25 grams of sugar 
  • 6 oz of Capri Sun contains 20 grams of sugar

Whoa, that’s a lot of sugar in some of those drinks! As you can see, simply making the swap to kombucha will reduce the amount of sugar your little one is consuming.


2. Kombucha contains probiotics, which are beneficial for kids' health.

Probiotics are live and active microorganisms that can help improve the balance of good bacteria in the gut. Probiotics help with digestion, boost the immune system, and even reduce the risk of certain illnesses. All great things, right?! Kids can especially benefit from probiotics because their immune systems are still developing and they are more prone to getting sick. Being able to give kids beneficial probiotics along with a dose of fermented foods in a yummy drink is especially easy! Boost that gut health!


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3. Kombucha is a great alternative to sugary drinks

Many children consume large amounts of sugary drinks like soda, sports drinks, and fruit juices, which can contribute to weight gain and other health problems. Kombucha is a much healthier alternative because it is low in sugar and high in probiotics. It can be a great way to help your child stay hydrated and nourished without all the added sugars or potentially harmful ingredients. Kombucha is really tasty, like a mix of tea with tangy fruit juice, and kids enjoy it!


4. Kombucha is safe to drink in moderation

While it is a fermented drink, kombucha is not intoxicating and is safe to drink in moderation. In fact, it has been consumed for centuries in many cultures around the world! However, it is important to remember that kombucha does contain a small amount of alcohol (usually less than 0.5% ABV) as a byproduct of the fermentation process. Therefore, it is not recommended for children under the age of 2 and should be consumed in moderation by older children. As always, check with your healthcare provider if you have any health-related concerns or questions.

Why Buchi is the best choice!

Buchi was founded out of the desire to create a healthful, high-quality, nourishing, living drink for kids made of all organic ingredients (none of the fake stuff!). Buchi Kombucha is vegan, non-GMO, and has a clear focus on fair trade ingredients and sustainable sourcing with intention. Also, we are a certified B-Corporation who cares deeply about people, purpose, and the planet- so much that we made it our mission! In fact, we donate a percentage of our profits from every order to One Tree Planted to protect biodiversity and help reforestation efforts. Just imagine, if every company cared that much we’d be able to reforest the whole planet (and quite possibly save the Earth)!

Learn how to make your own Kombucha

For a fun kid-friendly activity, check out our make your own kombucha page at to learn how you can grow your own scoby and make your own kombucha using a bottle of Buchi Kombucha!

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