Portraits of Our Partners: The Riveter

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What do you get when you combine a climbing wall, gym, bike park, yoga studio, and Buchi on tap?

What do you get when you combine a climbing wall, gym, bike park, yoga studio, and Buchi? One of our wonderful local Asheville partners - The Riveter! This wellness arena was born from a passion for recreation and a love of Asheville’s natural beauty. It’s grown into a gathering place where outdoor enthusiasts of all different stripes can come together to push their limits and celebrate each other’s successes.

Why We Love Asheville's the Riveter

It’s the sense of community and inclusion that makes the Riveter special. The huge windows in the arena were designed to reduce the Riveter’s environmental impact - and to catch the best sunsets and sunrises. Everybody has their own recreational passion, but being able to trade real human warmth and support after a workout makes all the difference. We are honored to have our kombucha featured at the Riveter's snack bar, the libation station!


The Riveter is celebrating its 1-year anniversary Saturday, 2/13! Come to throwdown for free yoga classes and massage demos all day!

Location: 701 Old Fanning Bridge Road Mills River, North Carolina 28732



Website: riveternc.com

Instagram: @riveternc

Facebook: @riveternc


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