New Look — Less Impact

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We're changing our look to remain committed to our environmental goals.

We have been notified that due to supply chain challenges, our amber bottles are no longer being produced in North America.

While we love our amber bottles, we cannot justify the carbon footprint required to ship bottles from overseas to our warehouse. Our sourcing team has been hard at work finding a new, sustainable source. Beginning in 2023, you will start to see our kombucha packaged in clear glass bottles, which are manufactured just 4 hours away from our brewery!

You may be wondering if clear glass will impact or impede the microbial wellbeing of the beverages inside. We were curious about this too. Rest assured, that our vigorous research and shelf-life testing has concluded that the health of our microbes are unaffected and remain equally as alive, strong and vigilant!

Deepening our commitment to sustainability has meant focusing not only on what happens to the bottles after the fermented beverage inside is gone, but also on how the bottle is produced. Moving to a clear bottle not only allows us to reduce our carbon footprint and make good on our sustainability mission, but will also highlight the vibrancy of our kombucha and let our true colors shine! 

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