Portraits of Our Partners: Taco Billy

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A huge thank you to our incredible wholesale partner, TacoBilly—local Asheville restaurant and purveyors of the biggest tacos you ever saw, made with love!

Asheville's Taco Billy owner Hunter Berry spent years in Mexico and the Southwest, exploring the finest that local taquerias had to offer. When he relocated to Asheville, he found himself inspired to take the leap and turn his dream of opening his own taqueria into a reality. And after becoming a fan of Buchi Fire, he kindly invited us along for the ride!

Why We Love Asheville's Taco Billy 

There’s something special about Taco Billy. With its focus on quality ingredients, friendly service, and simple deliciousness, Taco Billy has kept its fans rich in tacos (and margaritas) throughout a difficult year. Hunter credits both his team and the Asheville community. That’s one silver lining in the COVID cloud for TacoBilly—the kindness and support that has made its relationships with locals, suppliers, and fans even more robust.

Don't forget that TacoBilly has an outdoor patio in the backyard, and it's OPEN! Did we mention the Buchi & margaritas? Go get your spring on.

A Taco Billy taco with sweet potato and cheese and green salsa with a bottle of Buchi Kombucha, on a blue table.
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