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Strawberries are the quintessential summer fruit, and our recipe for strawberry kombucha preserves will add a bright burst of flavor and tartness to your day.
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By purchasing bottles made primarily in NC and transporting them by truck, we’re projecting we’ll reduce our carbon emissions by 85% per year!
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Our Environmental Purchasing Policy vets and validates the suppliers we work with – ensuring that we give preference to those that meet robust third-party social and environmental criteria.
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Traditionally called tibicos, water kefir grains originally appeared growing on the opuntia cactus plant in Mexico.


Fill your home with soothing seasonal scents, and warm up these chilly nights with mulled kombucha
Slow-cooked and submerged in kombucha, every bite melts in your mouth, releasing an abundance of sweet, tangy holiday flavors.
What's your love language? Ours is crafting drinks to nourish and support from the inside out 💕
Sour and tangy with a kick of heat – BBQ sauce gets a makeover with kombucha
Simmering your apples in kombucha instead of water adds a distinct tartness, to round out the sweet and savory flavors of a typical apple butter.