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What’s alive in you?

Welcome. Take time here. A moment or two – to slow down, explore and nourish what’s alive in you.

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  1. Slow down. Reflect on this month’s prompt
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Full Moon — 20 Oct

Hunter’s Moon

This is a time of abundance. The deer who feasted throughout the summer in preparation for winter, are well-nourished, their antlers strong and full grown. They sense the ripeness of the waning days, and follow them to the rut where they will pass the richness they’ve enjoyed to their offspring. Embrace the plenteousness of the season and revel in its comfort. What abundance in your life is bringing you gratitude?


What do you long for, and what might feed it?

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What abundance in your life is bringing you gratitude?

The love and care of family and friends. I am bursting at the seams with gratitude for the people in my life - they define love in their actions.

The transition to fall - seeing leaves changing colors, feeling the cool breeze in an early morning before the sun rises. I love and am so thankful for changing seasons. Brings new life, new opportunities, new blessings, and a new state of mind.


Health and Happiness


New York

Good Gut Digest — Oct 2021

Immune Health Begins in the Gut

This month, we've got a special guest post from our friends at Sona Pharmacy.

There’s no denying it: “immune health” is now a trending topic around the world. In the past, most of us would focus our “immune-boosting” efforts around cold and flu season, or perhaps before traveling. But between a global pandemic and a general desire to become healthier, people are wondering, “How do I really create and maintain a healthy immune system year-round?”

Good Gut Digest — Sept 2021

Brewing Things Differently – Sustainable Sugar Sourcing

Sustainable sourcing never tasted so sweet!

Tea, SCOBY, Sugar. These are the 3 magic ingredients when it comes to making kombucha, so understandably, their quality matters. Equally important to their quality is their story. How did this ingredient find its way to our door? Buchi prioritizes using our buying power as a conduit of change - keeping the full supply chain in mind. So let’s start with the sweet stuff: Cane Sugar!

All Kombucha is made with sugar. Sugar is what fuels fermentation, and most is absorbed during the fermentation process. Buchi believes in using simple, whole ingredients to make the most well-rounded, delicious, and quality Kombucha. The amount of sugar in Buchi kombucha is equal to or less than most of the leading national brands. While other top brands have had to adjust their labels after class action lawsuits relating to under-reporting sugars, we've never had that issue. We believe in transparency, and report them all. We have confirmed through random testing that our sugar levels are industry standard. 

The sugar industry isn’t as sweet as it sounds. By and large, domestic sugar is incredibly processed and genetically modified. Currently, the US is the only country with no domestic resource that provides non-GMO, organic sugar. Can you believe that?!

At Buchi, we believe that everything is interconnected and are very mindful of our footprint, especially when it comes to sourcing. Since non-gmo, organic sugar isn’t available in the US, it was incredibly important that our source be meaningful, and of course, environmentally responsible. This is why we are immensely proud to work with Global Organics as our high quality, organic sugar source. Global Organics checked every one of our boxes - they have a closed-loop sugarcane process that puts the focus on maintaining a healthy ecosystem, rather than maintaining a healthy crop; their sugarcane growth, production and shipping to the US is 100% carbon neutral; and they are committed to advancing their social and economic impact through programs that improve the quality of life of their employees and community. 

“For more than 20 years, Global Organics has proudly partnered with the Native Green Cane Project in Brazil – the largest sustainable agriculture project in the world. 

Today, the Green Cane Project farms close to 20,000 hectares (49,421 acres) of certified organic cane fields, and the results have been incredible:

  • 100% Carbon Neutral – from the fields to our warehouses in North America and Europe
  • Cogeneration alone saves over 25,000 metric tons of CO2 saved per year
  • Increased yields vs. conventional cane fields
  • Higher resistance to drought and pest damage
  • 23 times the biodiversity of conventional fields, including many rare species
  • Many cutting-edge labor and social programs for employees and the community”

Through the Native Green Cane Project, Global Organics is proving that it CAN be done: By being intentional and deeply engaged, large-scale agriculture can truly be sustainable! So next time you are sipping on your favorite Buchi beverage, take a moment and consider the source - and feel good about where your booch comes from!


Sustainability Champions

Interview with Leonito Balbo, Executive VP of Native – Where agriculture and environment meet

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Buchi Fire Cider

Warm the body, soothe a scratchy throat and feel a boost of energy.

1 large onion

chopped into large pieces

1 head garlic

cloves peeled and crushed with the flat of a knife

1 organic lemon

with peel, chopped into large pieces


*click Get the Full Recipe below to see all spices we recommend

4 oz Buchi Fire kombucha

Honey to taste

Get the full recipe
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About Buchi

We make deliciously complex living drinks—with fruit and botanicals—for living deeply, lightly.

Meet the family

Our Ingredients

Quality matters. We remain dedicated to using the best ingredients for our drinks—because you and the earth deserve it.

Our Process

Method matters. We are committed to following the ancient method of wild fermentation.

Our Promise

Integrity matters. All of our drinks are rigorously made to the same high standards.

Raw & Unpasteurized

”It starts within”

There is a moment
This humble critical moment
That is here, always here
Fleeting yet eternal

Stretching, reaching
Like the ebb and flow of the sea
Tentative and persistent

This wild seed of life
Rooting deeply,
Breaking through the surface

Rough, rocky earth
Still tender, nourishing
Dark and rich

A simple recipe of truth
Pain, pleasure
Wild and tame

It starts within
This life
This moment

Why this question?

a letter from our founders

2020 was a year of reckoning. All of us have been invited to the table of suffering, and it has the potential to bring us into awakening, individually and collectively. During a year of so much loss, it feels important to re-prioritize and bring into focus what we cherish, the forgotten or looked over, the new patterns that are emerging, or the areas that feel empty — longing to be filled.

During the pandemic, we intentionally carried the question — What's Alive In You? — for ourselves and then to those we worked with and stakeholders with which we engaged. A simple question yet so rich felt like a step we could take, and a practice so accessible that we wanted to share. So we set an intention for this year to ask this question every month — to our team, and to you.

It’s an invitation to go inward and start paying attention. To look for what’s alive. To observe, question and learn — to nourish what we see and watch it grow. To take care of ourselves — our bodies, our minds, our spirits. When we embrace this center-point, we unfold into a wider reach almost by a force that is extending us outward. To nurture and take care of those around us, our families, our kith and kin, our communities — our human family.