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Buchi's craft brewed organic

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What is Shrub Soda?

Shrub Soda is a sparkling probiotic drinking vinegar, infused with fruit and herbs.

ALL OUR shrub soda IS

USDA Organic
RAW - Kombucha
Dairy Free
Gluten Free
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Buchi shrub soda

History — refreshed.

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Live & Active –
Never Pasteurized

Buchi Shrub Soda is 100% raw. We would never consider pasteurizing all of those wonderful, naturally occurring, live and active probiotics and beneficial bacteria!

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Historically Delicious

The word shrub is derived from the Arabic word sharab, which means “to drink.”

Shrubs date back to the mid-1600s, and were commonly referred to as Switchel, Haymaker's Drink, or Drinking Vinegar. They are said to have been used for many purposes, like preserving fruits, and our favorite: As an energy boost and bone fortifier for Samurai warriors before battle.

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Why drink Shrub?

It is all-natural, tastes delicious, and is filled with nutrient-dense gut goodness, like probiotics, beneficial bacterial and yeast, which your belly and body love. Plus, it’s dairy-free and vegan-friendly!

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Craft–Brewed In House

It’s important that we have a hand in every part of making our drinks, that’s why we invest heavily in our own lab and kitchen – so we can create unique flavors and facilitate the best in-industry testing.

Plus, it wouldn’t feel very authentic for us to have another company create our recipes – not gonna happen!

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Yaupon Holly is the only known indigenous tea plant to North America that contains anti-inflammatory properties, natural caffeine, and is high in antioxidants. This super-leaf was discovered thousands of years ago by Native Tribes in the southeastern U.S. They referred to it as “The Purifier,” and “Big Medicine,” believing that it cleansed the body and mind.

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Our fermentation process follows the ancient method of open-air (lambic) fermentation instead of fermenting in a closed off tank. The open-air process lets all of the beneficial and wild yeast and bacteria make their way into our kombucha.

If you think our kombucha tastes better, and leaves you feeling more revitalized than others out there, this is probably why! It’s that fresh mountain air making its way into your kombucha!

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Live & Active

Buchi Kombucha is 100% raw. We would never consider pasteurizing all of those wonderful naturally occurring live and active cultures!

In fact, Buchi Kombucha is so live and active, that you can use the kombucha in your bottle to make your own.

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It’s important for us to have a hand in every part of making our own kombucha, that’s why we invested heavily in building out our own lab, which allows us to do our own flavor development and testing.

It wouldn’t feel very authentic for us to farm our recipe development out.

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What is Shrub Soda?

And other common questions about our drinks

What is Shrub Soda?

A Shrub is a non-alcoholic concoction made from a combination of fruits, aromatics, sugar, and vinegar. It is traditionally enjoyed as a component of a mixed drink and/or with soda water. The word “Shrub” is derived from the Arabic word sharab, which means “to drink.” Shrubs date back to the mid-1600s and have been used in a variety of interesting ways, but the one we like best is this: Samurai warriors are said to have used Shrubs to fortify their bones and boost energy levels before battle.

Does Buchi Shrub Soda have sugar in it?

Our Shrub Soda does include sugar which allows the fruit flavors to shine. Buchi believes in using simple, whole ingredients to make the most well-rounded, delicious, and quality Shrub Soda.

Does Buchi Shrub Soda have any gluten or allergens?

No to gluten!  Buchi has been 100% gluten-free since 2018. As far as allergens go, the FDA classifies coconut water as a tree nut in the Big 8. Our Water and Seed Kombucha, as well as our Strawberry Coconut Kefir Soda contain coconut water. All our equipment is sanitized after production to ensure no cross-contamination.

Is Buchi Shrub Soda alcoholic?

Nope! Shrub Soda is alcohol-free.

Is Buchi Shrub Soda raw and unpasteurized?

Yes! Buchi Shrub Soda is raw and unpasteurized. We use raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar to make our Shrub Soda, which means it contains a powerful living culture that aids in digestion. We would never consider pasteurizing (heating to death) all of those wonderful naturally occurring live and active cultures!

Does Buchi’s Shrub Soda have caffeine?

Buchi Shrub Soda is caffeine-free!

Is Buchi Shrub Soda and our facility Kosher?

Yes!  Buchi is pleased to have been certified Kosher and pareve by Rabbi Zev Schwarcz at IKC, the International Kosher Council.

Can you help me make my own Shrub Soda?

We love that you are considering making your own Shrub Soda! We have a recipe for how to make your own on our bottle labels and cases.

Where can I find Buchi near me?

Check out the retailer map on the Find page of our website. You can search by product, city or zip code.

Our Promise

We are committed to making all of this gut goodness better for the earth, while using our resources as a force for good.

We will always be responsible in our sourcing and manufacturing.

We believe in a culture of sharing and openness. A place has been set at the table for you—all our welcome, just as you are.

Bubbly, delicious, and raw.

3 drinks, 16 flavors, endless possibilities.

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