Pink Moon Aperol Spritz Cocktail

Serving Size 2

15 Minute Prep Time

Sweet with a balance of bitter and herbal notes, and just the right amount of bubbles!

This Pink Moon Aperol Spritz Cocktail, is ultra refreshing – sweet with a balance of bitter and herbal notes, and just the right amount of bubbles. The gorgeous orange-pink hue mimics the flush of the full moon reflecting a scattering of pink blooms brought on by the lengthening of days and warmth of the sun.

What is an Aperol Spritz?

The Aperol Spritz traces its roots back to Italy, and has been enjoyed for over a century as an aperitivo – a drink designed to be enjoyed before dinner and known for its low alcohol content. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more refreshing and thirst-quenching cocktail.

All you need to make this recipe are four basic ingredients – no cocktail shaker, fancy equipment or techniques. Simply fill a wine glass with ice, then add Prosecco, Aperol, Buchi's Kefir Soda and a slice of orange. Then, bask in the drink’s deliciously complex flavor, lovely coloring, and channel visions of the countryside of Italy.


  1. Add ice to stemmed wine glass.

  2. Add the processo, aperol and Kefir Soda Bloom into the glass.

  3. Squeeze an orange wedge over the glass and drop it in.

  4. Stir gently and serve!

A 12 oz Buchi kombucha white glass bottle with a metallic red label saying Buchi Kefir Soda Bloom Strawberry Coconut Passionflower


Strawberry Coconut Passionflower
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Luscious friends, strawberry and coconut embrace the soothing spirit and ease of passionflower in our Bloom kefir soda. 


casekeg 5 Gallons/Keg 6-12OZ BOTTLES/CASE


  • Organic

  • Raw & Unpasteurized

  • Non-GMO

  • Gluten-free

  • Vegan

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