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Harvest Mule Kombucha Cocktail

Pin on Pinterest A hand holds a copper mule glass filled with a delicious cold cocktail, and apple slices floating on top. Green ferns in soft focus fill the background.

Fall is just around the corner, and we're getting into the autumnal vibe early with this crisp spiced cocktail celebrating the harvest moon. Cran-apple juice or cider combine with vodka and Fire, our ginger cayenne kombucha, for a refreshing sweet and lightly spicy late summer sip.


2 oz. Vodka
1/4 oz. Fresh squeezed lime juice
1 oz. Apple cran juice (or apple cider)
4 oz. Buchi Fire kombucha


1. Combine vodka, lime juice, and apple cran juice or cider  to a mule glass.
2. Add a handful of ice and stir gently until well mixed and chilled.
3. Top with Buchi Fire.
4. Garnish with an apple slice or two, and enjoy!


Asheville vodka Buchi kombucha lime apple cocktail recipe

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