Portraits of Our Partners: Cellarest Beer Project

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A Walk on the Wild Side

New kids on the block, Cellarest Beer Project, want you to reenvision what you think when you hear the word “wild.” Co-founder and fellow fermentation-lover, Mark Goodwin, explains that at Cellarest, they don’t make beer, yeast makes beer. In particular, Wild yeast, captured right in their West Asheville neighborhood. Mark considers their crew “yeast wranglers,” which is something we at Buchi can identify with! We're honored to have Buchi cans behind the bar, making friends with other local favorites.

Delicious Beer That's Locally Made in Asheville

Using 100% North Carolina grain, locally sourced yeast, and seasonal ingredients in wood barrels, the beers that emerge from Cellarest are the true product of their environment, unique and complex each time. Mark is inspired by the diverse WNC microclimates and all they provide: bountiful botanicals and, let’s face it, really good water for beer!


With the goal of creating a hub, a community place, a warm environment where everyone feels welcome, it’s no wonder their outdoor patio has been swarming with patrons since it opened its doors in February. If you haven’t made it out to Cellarest Beer Project yet, stop by this summer for food trucks, live music, and, of course, wild beer.


Location: 395 Haywood Rd. Asheville, North Carolina 28806



Website: cellarestbeer.com

Instagram: @cellarestbeerproject

Facebook: @CellarestBeerProject

The Taproom at the Cellarest Brewery in Asheville.
A glass full of beer with a Cellarest Beer Project logo, a can of Buchi Kombucha Sovereign standing next to it on a wooden table.
Beer barrels with tap lined up in the taproom.
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