Fortune: These Women Are At The Forefront of Asheville’s Explosive Fermentation Industry

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The passion is contagious, and it’s fostered a real community.

Asheville, N.C., is known as Beer City, the Land of the Sky, and even now as Music City, according to Rolling Stone. But could this Blue Ridge Mountains tourism hotspot and Beer City champion—home to more than 30 local breweries, a sake brewery, ginger brewery, urban winery, and several cideries—soon earn the nickname Ferment City?

A handful of local female entrepreneurs certainly think so, and Lisa White, vice president and cofounder of White Labs Kitchen & Tap, credits “the creative scene in Asheville” for the local fermentation industry’s fast growth. “The passion is contagious, and it’s fostered a real community that thrives off one another and pushes each other to do more,” she says.


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Originally posted on October, 19, 2019.

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