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For living deeply, lightly.

We make deliciously complex living drinks full of flavor & purpose.

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Shipping to NC, SC, TN, GA, VA, & FL.

Stop. See. Listen. Reflect upon your existence—within yourself, your community, your world. We‘re asking everyone we know, What‘s alive in you?

Reconnect with your wild and feed your nature. Embrace the unknown inside you. What‘s alive in you?

Living drinks

Raw and unpasteurized — our drinks are made using an ancient method of wild fermentation — which imbues them with live and active digestive enzymes for healthy guts and open minds.

The Buchi Way

We make deliciously complex living drinks with fruit and botanicals – for living deeply, lightly.

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Our Ingredients

Quality matters. We remain dedicated to using the best ingredients for our drinks—because you and the earth deserve it.

Our Process

Method matters. We are committed to following the ancient method of wild fermentation.

Our Promise

Integrity matters. All of our drinks are rigorously made to the same high standards.

Raw & Unpasteurized

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Find recipes, reflections, and rumination on gut health and fermentation.

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