Measuring What Matters Most


Be part of this journey.

As a small company just starting to turn a little profit, our ability to take big steps is somewhat limited, however we a have clear vision for the kind of business we'd like to build.  We would like to invite you to be a part of this journey with us as we begin to measure what matters most (what we already do well, where we have opportunities to improve, and existing areas within our organization to explore).

We will track our progress in this section of the website as we continue our pursuit of becoming a B corp, a designation we believe holds the most promise for innovating conventional business to reflect a more wholistic climate for businesses and the people who drive them to thrive.

We are pursuing policies in each of the following areas of our organization:
  • Governance (Mission, Engagement, Accountability)
  • Transparency (Open Book Accounting, Compensation, Policies)
  • Workers (Worker Ownership, Management, Communication, Wellness)
  • Community (Suppliers, Partners, Transportation, and Distribution
  • Place (Environment, Resources, Facility)



Core to our business is the active role we play in building a triple bottom line and community centered business model. We actively support and encourage a healthy work-life balance. We resonate with the vision of B Corporations (Benefit Corporations). Our simple yet ambitious goal is to be a part of creating a new sector of the economy which uses the power of business to solve social and environmental problems for the betterment of humanity.

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We believe being sustainable isn't a business tactic or marketing ploy.  Like all living things we, and the kombucha we brew are dependent upon a delicate natural balance. We actively look for ways to tip this balance to make Buchi a positive force in the world.   

Here are some of the things we are already doing to express our values, as well as some of our future plans:  

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