History of Kombucha


Stories about the use of Kombucha as a folk remedy date back thousands of years, however, its origins remain mostly unknown to this day.

We have compiled significant stories and stitched them together with a mix of educated assumptions. The history and lore surrounding Kombucha is often esoteric in nature. Used in China for centuries during rites of atonement, kombucha culture has been brewed, transported and traded all over the world. The ritual and tradition around the making and sharing of kombucha adds an element of mystery and power to its alchemy.

IN TRUTH, we don’t know if our account of kombucha’s history is at all accurate, in fact, we would love some help improving it. However, one day we would like to visit different parts of the world and record the stories of the elders who still brew the beverage today and do our part to help fill in the missing pieces. Until then, if you have information, research or recorded stories about kombucha and would to contribute to an open-source record, please reach out to us here.